Want visibility across your entire shipment life cycle?

Enable it through our modern, comprehensive logistics solution called Surgeship.

Real-time Interactive Reporting

  • Surgeship is a data driven logistics intelligence solution that integrates with your ERP and other business systems. It allows for the aggregation of data and maintains a constant sync with relevant business systems.
  • Surgeship Reporting gives users access to a comprehensive suite of interactive reports and dashboards, providing unparalleled and near-real-time access to information and KPI’s.

Logging & Audit History

  • Surgeship allows users to recall Routes and associated history. Delivery location details, agreed rates, correspondence, invoices and supporting documentation all within a single, intuitive web dashboard.
  • In addition to detailed route history, a log of all user interaction is tracked and stored for audit and review purposes.

Case Studies and What If Scenarios

  • Use all of the aggregated data to make case studies or what if scenarios based on real costs and information to produce the best results.
  • Outcomes before execution.