Our misson

To empower our customers to easily identify outcomes before execution, resulting in cost-savings and better, more informed decisions.

About Us

Surge Analytics is a leader in enterprise data analytics. Through Surgeship – our industry leading, cloud based transportation management system – we help companies optimize, plan, schedule and execute all of their shipping requirements while reducing their carbon footprint. Our proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence allow us to determine many outcomes before execution, resulting in efficiencies, freight cost-savings, and industry best performance for our clients.

Through the collaboration of working with industry leading companies in the Food and Beverage and Construction industries, a black box optimizing solution was developed. In 2019, this development evolved in to the current optimized transportation management and logistics intelligence solution that is Surgeship.

Surge Analytics has grown since then in to a world class, cutting-edge firm that uses AI driven, cloud based software to yield best-in-class results for our clients and their associated businesses.

Our Vision

Surge Analytics‘ vision is to continuously help companies realize improvements in all aspects of their business through the use of artificial intelligence and Surgeship. By helping companies succeed individually, we can then leverage the cumulative data through analytics together for the best possible outcomes. Outcomes before execution is at the core of our vision.

Our Team

The Surge team has extensive experience in data analytics, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and technology.  

Sergei Naumenko

Chief Executive Officer

A Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Toronto, Sergei has been focused on business process improvements since working at Deloitte as a Senior Enterprise Risk Services consultant. Through various engagements in the manufacturing sector, he identified the need to explore, and eventually develop methods to optimize production, planning, and support business processes in order to provide accurate and actionable data to stakeholders – minimizing risks and maximizing efficiencies.

Christopher Aceto

Co-Founder / Advisor

A serial tech entrepreneur and MBA graduate, Christopher has successfully exited several technology businesses and has been involved, hands-on, in numerous ‘mission-critical’ projects, as both a systems-integrator and project manager. Supporting projects for both multinational corporations as well as various levels of government – his ability to navigate complex requirements and strategize procurement challenges through to delivery and execution, brings unique and valuable insights to the organization and our approach to solving complex operational challenges for our customers.

Gleb Danylov


Holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Western University and a certification in Programming for Data Science. His ability to collect and develop relevant data and provide insight into areas for improvement and process refinement has become a critical part of our onboarding process and the continual improvement of our AI. 

Alexey Danylov

Principal Software Engineer

Formerly a Senior Developer and Team Lead at Tesla Motors, Alexey has led our development effort and taken what was initially a ‘black-box’ optimization solution and given it life via a robust back-end architecture. If the optimization engine is the ‘heart’ of Surgeship, our back-end is now the ‘central nervous system’. Having worked for large multinational organizations, his insight into developing scalable and robust tools has been critical to our success.

Rodrigo Visentini Palmieri

Senior Engineer

A former analyst and full-stack developer for a large fintech consultancy in South America, Rodrigo has supported projects for organizations such as John Deere, Bayer, Avon and Siemens.

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