Centralized Logistics Management

Enable your team to manage everything from one place.

Carrier Rates & Rate Management

Easily maintain all carrier rates for all regions in one location that can be accessed by any team member. Surgeship can also maintain rates for internal fleets in order to help you plan better. 

Automated Carrier Invoicing

 Surgeship ensures a smooth carrier invoice approval process. Deviations from agreed carrier rates are easily identified and reasons for rate changes or additional charges are entered by carriers upon invoice submission.

Invoices can be submitted for review and approval once delivery has been completed.

Centralize POD's and Supporting Documents

Proof-of-delivery and supporting documents can be added to invoices within Surgeship for easy reference. All relevant documents are attached to relevant routes in our system.  No need to email, scan, print or call. Surgeship allows easy uploading of files which are stored securely and indefinitely for easy recall.

Manage Pick-up and Delivery Appointments

Surgeship allows your team or your carriers to manage Pick-up and Delivery Appointments in an intuitive way, making the process more efficient and providing full visibility of shipment statuses for relevant stakeholders. 

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