Would it not be nice to streamline your carrier interactions to save time and money?

Welcome to the world of Surgeship.

Surgeship will automate and standardize many of your interactions with all of your carriers including:


  • Carrier tendering can be automated and based on up-to-date rates
  • Surgeship Route Assignment allows our customers to standardize carrier tendering based on load specific costs, carrier reliability or preferred carriers. Internal truck allocation can also be automated.


  • Pick-up scheduling, delivery scheduling, driver gate in/out, check-calls
  • Surgeship features a robust, semi-automated scheduling system, allowing carriers to schedule pick-up appointments, and delivery details with customers. Our scheduling systems empowers logistics operations and warehouse staff with the ability to easily track pick-up times, better manage floor space, load order, and manage gate and dock times.

Rate Management

  • Surgeship Carrier & Rate Management provides logistics staff with an intuitive way to onboard carriers and track their rates and reliability. Staff and carriers are able to regularly update rate and lane details to ensure up-to-date rates are maintained for effective and accurate planning, reducing the possibility of cost variances and simplifying the accrual process.

Route Progress Tracking

  • Surgeship features a comprehensive Route Status System encompassing easy to read status indicators and integrated notifications and updates. From planning through to invoicing, route statuses are easily displayed and accessible.

PODs & Document Management

  • Surgeship Documentation allows carriers and drivers to upload and attach POD and related documents directly to route or delivery location. When combined with Surgeship Invoice, reconciling invoices to supporting documentation is a simple and standardized process.

Integrated Messaging

  • Surgeship features integrated messaging, notifications and alerts. Staff, carriers and drivers can communicate at a route specific level, ensuring clear communication throughout the shipment lifecycle which is easy to locate and track.


  • Surgeship handles all your carrier invoicing by allowing carriers to submit them directly through Surgeship. Everything is centralized and instantly available. Have all the costs associated with every shipment to produce accurate reports.