The Surgeship™ Advantage

Enable your team to manage everything from one place.

Data Analytics and Optimization First

  • What-if analysis and simulations of upcoming/past shipments to identify improvements.
  • Flexibility in optimization, restrictions and parameters set based on current demand.
  • Production dates consideration included in optimization.
  • Soft penalties allowance possible on customer tolerances rather than absolute restrictions.
  • Global optimization for multiple sites (ship-from locations).

More Than Just Management

  • Standardized Carrier tendering process with carrier rates updates as a part of the process, not a separate task.
  • PODs and other supporting documents are part of the invoice approval process, not simply stored.
  • Aggregated messaging for each Route, in the Portal or simply by replying to emails.
  • Real-time Reporting – reliable source of Business Intelligence and insights into opportunities.

Up to 50% more cost effective than the leading competitor

  • We bring our customers a solution that is affordable and makes sense.

Lasting Partnerships with our customers

  • Our team is focused on identifying and solving issues with our customers, and becoming an on-going trusted resource for our customers.
  • Focused specifically on the food industry. 

Continuous product development based on customer feedback

  • Feature development prioritized based on customer feedback and existing pain points.
  • Shared Surgeship product roadmap with our customers for new upcoming features.
  • Updates released each quarter with new features.

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