Optimized Logistics Software
with Artificial Intelligence

Optimized Transportation Management Software​ (TMS) and a Comprehensive Logistics Intelligence Solution​ through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Route Planning & Optimization

Surgeship features best-in-class Route Planning & Optimization, through the use of our Multi-AIML optimization system. In 100 head-to-head comparisons with other popular route planning solutions, Surgeship AIML Optimization output resulted in a consistent 15-20% decrease in freight costs due to better optimized route plans.

Planning & Impact Studies

Through Surgeship Route Planning & Optimization, planners can easily predict the outcome of various changes to identify further cost savings opportunities such as the impact of customer delivery date changes.

Carrier Auto-Tendering & Internal Truck Allocation

Surgeship Route Assignment allows our customers to standardize carrier tendering based on load specific costs, carrier reliability or preferred carriers. Internal truck allocation can also be automated based on pre-determined parameters.

Scheduling & Pick-ups

Surgeship features a robust, semi-automated scheduling system, allowing carriers to schedule pick-up appointments, and delivery details with customers. Our scheduling systems empowers logistics operations and warehouse staff with the ability to easily track pick-up times, better manage floor space, load order, and manage gate and dock times.  It also manages all inbound pick-up appointments as well to give your dock complete visibility.


Route & Delivery Status

Surgeship features a comprehensive Route Status System encompassing easy to read status indicators and integrated notifications and updates. From planning through to invoicing, route and delivery statuses are easily displayed and accessible.

POD & Document Management

Surgeship Documentation allows carriers, internal trucks and drivers to upload and attach POD and related documents directly to the route or delivery location. When combined with Surgeship Invoice, reconciling invoices to supporting documentation is a simple and standardized process.

Integrated Messaging

Surgeship features integrated messaging, notifications and alerts. Staff, carriers and drivers can communicate at a route or delivery specific level, ensuring clear communication throughout the shipment lifecycle which is easy to locate and track.

Carrier & Rate Management

Surgeship Carrier & Rate Management provides logistics staff with an intuitive way to onboard carriers and track their rates and reliability. Staff and carriers are able to regularly update rate and lane details to ensure up-to-date rates are maintained for effective and accurate planning, reducing the possibility of cost variances and simplifying the accrual process.

Driver, Truck & Preventative Management

Surgeship Driver, Truck & Preventative Management provides logistics staff with an easy, digital way to manage your internal truck fleet.  Through driver and truck date management, preventative maintenance features and daily pre-ops inspections, Surgeship manages your entire fleet as automated and efficiently as possible.

Real-time Interactive Reporting

Surgeship is a data driven logistics intelligence solution that integrates with your ERP and other business systems. It allows for the aggregation of data and maintains a constant sync with relevant business systems. Surgeship Reporting gives users access to a comprehensive suite of interactive reports and dashboards, providing unparalleled and near-real-time access to information and KPI’s.

Logging & Audit History

Surgeship allows users to recall Routes and associated history. Delivery location details, agreed rates, correspondence, invoices and supporting documentation all within a single, intuitive web dashboard. In addition to detailed route history, a log of all user interaction is tracked and stored for audit and review purposes.

Automate Carrier Invoicing

All Carrier Invoices are issued through our Surgeship software. Our system makes the approval process seamless because any deviations from the carrier rates are identified and reasons are recorded by the carriers in real time.  All invoices are approved, up-to-date as soon as the carrier issues them within Surgeship. ​

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