– The Dashboard
– Route Planning (Planning Sets)
– Route Optimization

Surgeship gives organizations the ability to manage their freight route planning, scheduling, carrier invoicing and reports all in one place. The Surgeship Dashboard offers instant visibility into active routes and shipment progress. Logistics planners can combine Sales Orders into Sets, allowing Surgeship to create best-in-class route optimization outputs for shipments. Multi-stop long-haul, short-haul and DSD.


– Automated Carrier Assignment
– Carrier Rate Management
– Carrier Invoicing

Surgeship gives logistics planners the power to automate carrier assignment and freight tendering. Surgeship is not a bidding or brokering platform. It is a powerful Transportation Management System using AI to produce best possible results.


– Pick-up Scheduling
– Load Sequencing
– Delivery Appointment Tracking
– Instant Messaging

Surgeship give logistics planners and warehouse staff the power to automate freight pick-up and inbound delivery scheduling. Surgeship also features a robust instant messaging module allowing drivers, dispatchers, customer service, logistics and warehouse staff to communicate within a particular route. No more email, phone, fax or carrier pigeons!

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