Surge Analytics, a leading firm in enterprise data analytics was founded by data scientists and logistical experts. Through our collaboration, Surgeship was founded on the basis of utilizing data while integrating with the logistics operations.   

Surgeship, our flagship product is an Optimized Transportation Management System (OTMS) that leverages the leading AI and Machine Learning to produce industry leading results in the management of your company’s logistics.  

Surgeship is a comprehensive logistics intelligence solution that helps you drive your decisions based on real-time data.  It is an analytics driven, cloud-based software that can deeply integrate with your business software ERP.   

Our Optimization Engine harnesses best-in-class Artificial Intelligence & powerful Data Science. 

Our Portal helps you consolidate information into one place and standardize it making it possible to use in our Analytical Models. 

Our Proprietary Algorithms and Optimization Engines help you to identify and implement improvements by simply using our system.   

Our use of Artificial Intelligence allow us to determine many outcomes before execution resulting in the best performance for your business. 

Our Expertise and utilization of your data through our Analytics provides you with the insight necessary to develop improvement models in any business scenario yielding real-time results that matter.   

We enable our customers to identify outcomes before execution.